Strategic Direction

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Intake: Monthly

Learning Mode: Blended

Payment Method: Pay as you go

Faculties: From UK, USA & Europe

Classes: Fridays & Saturdays

The Course Strategic direction is one of the most important forces in a business and is usually referred to as the business’s roadmap. Understanding the course will equip the students with the necessary skills required to be able to apply range of diagnostic and analytical tools to not only audit, assess and evaluate the existing strategic objectives but also to critically analyse, interpret and produce progress towards it. Students will also be able to determine and evaluate alternative strategic options to support a new strategic position. The Course establishes the structure for internal responsibilities that each department and worker takes on. A clear vision allows each worker to know the company’s purpose and objectives. Strategies and tactics allow each worker to understand the part he plays in contributing to the achievement of the vision and objectives. This course will let professionals to clearly identify and practise the company’s aims and how to uphold these objectives in order to realise the vision of the organization. It will enable them to make actions in decisions in a manner that will be parallel to the organisation’s objectives.

  • Evaluate each component part of the chosen strategic plan
  • Analyse the factors affecting the strategic plan of your choice
  • Internal and external change drivers
  • Structured evaluation of the organisation’s strategic position
  • Strategic options to meet strategic aims and objectives
  • Justifying strategic options
  • Evaluating the expectations of all stakeholders
  • Medelow – Johnson, Whittington and Scholes
  • POSIWID and organizational purpose