Manage Team Performance to Support Strategy

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Intake: Monthly

Learning Mode: Blended

Payment Method: Pay as you go

Faculties: From UK, USA & Europe

Classes: Fridays & Saturdays

The Course Manage Team Performance to Support Strategy is designed to equip students with the right tools and techniques to be able to critically assess and evaluate the team performance targets, monitor actions and activities to measure the future team performances so as to achieve the strategic objectives.

The Course addresses the need of the individual commitment to evaluate the application of delegation, mentoring and coaching towards the achievement of the strategic objectives. It also identifies the influencing methodologies to gain the commitment of individuals to able to apply influencing skills to respond to the dynamics and politics of personal interactions.

This Course examines the principles of building highly effective teams by analyzing the variety of interrelated practices underlying group dynamics.

  • Setting the Context for team performance
  • IMPAQ Performance Management Approach
  • Performance Management System & Performance Appraisal Context
  • Elements of the Change Framework
  • Adair – action centres leadership
  • Scope & Objectives of change
  • Motivation Models and Concepts
  • Tuckman – Stages of team development
  • Latham and Locke 1990
  • The Performance Management Cycle
  • Aligning Team Goals with Organisational Strategy
  • The Performance Appraisal Cycle
  • The GROW Model and Coaching
  • Belbin – Team Size
  • Blended Performance Measures
  • Building Blocks for Highly Effective Teams
  • Managing the Psychological Contract
  • Adams 1965 Expectancy Theory
  • Current issues in performance management
  • Some Other Measurement Systems
  • Employee Engagement