Development as a Strategic Manager

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Intake: Monthly

Learning Mode: Blended

Payment Method: Pay as you go

Faculties: From UK, USA & Europe

Classes: Fridays & Saturdays

The Course Development as Strategic Manager is designed to equip students with the right tools and techniques to be able to identify personal skills to achieve strategic ambitions by critically analyzing and evaluating the strategic direction of the organization. By understanding this course, students will be able to manage personal leadership development, evaluate the effectiveness of the leadership development plan and advocate an employee welfare environment that supports organisational values so as to support achievement of strategic ambitions This Course will enable the professional to analyse the strategic direction of the organization, identify personal skills that are required to operate the business, and manage personal leadership development to support the goals of the organization. These skills include project management skills, ability to multitask, quick decision making skills, Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, analytical and organizational skills.

  • Approaches to business strategy
  • Old and new business models
  • Strategy evolution
  • Resource based approach to strategy
  • Analysis of the environment
  • Honey and Mumford learning styles
  • Personal development and gap analysis including developing yourself
  • Career anchors (Edgar Schein)
  • Blanchard, Adair, Blake and Mouton Models on leadership and development
  • Argyris’ double loop learning
  • Reddin’s 3D and Belbin’s team roles
  • Skills competences and know-hows including core and distinctive competences
  • Intellectual capital and balance score card methods
  • Development of a personal development plan (PDP)
  • Health and safety at work
  • Erikson’s Life Stage Theory
  • Nudge Theory
  • Psychological Contract
  • Kirkpatrick’s Learning Evaluation Model
  • Erikson’s Theory of Personal Development (1902 – 1994)
  • Developmental and Sponsorship Mentoring
  • Formal and Informal Coaching